20 Customer Service KPIs You Need To Know

15 Customer Service KPI Metrics That Propel CX Teams

kpi for support team

Organizations also use these to evaluate their success in reaching targets, but we can also use these in projects, and when used in projects, we’re looking to evaluate and measure the team’s progress. NPS can be an indicator of growth potential for a company because peer recommendations carry so much weight in our society that is social media-obsessed. To measure consistency, use AI to analyze how agents respond to different people reaching out with the same query and flag discrepancies. Track where your customers are reaching out from in order to optimize staffing and prioritize channels that would benefit most from technologies like automation.

  • For instance, you stated to answer 70% of the email requests you receive within 1 business day.
  • When teams update their tasks and timesheets that information populates the dashboard to keep you on track when managing a project.
  • This data can be extremely helpful for assessing chat operator performance and identifying areas for improvement.
  • The software solution helps assess customer satisfaction through its detailed rating feature that can be enabled on chats, tickets, and even help articles.

Average resolution time (ART) refers to the total time taken by the team to resolve the support ticket once it is looked upon. A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in customer service is a measurable metric used to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of a company’s customer support processes. These indicators are crucial for monitoring and improving various aspects of customer service. It ensures that it aligns with organizational goals and meets or exceeds customer expectations. As mentioned previously, retaining customers is always less expensive than finding new customers.

KPI vs. Metric

Additionally, they can help identify areas where they need to make adjustments, as well as measure the impact. No matter what method you choose, it’s important to focus on the quality of your data and not just the quantity. In other words, don’t just collect feedback for the sake of it—make sure you’re actually using the insights to improve your processes. If customers feel like they’re not getting the help they need from a specific support agent, they may be more likely to escalate their inquiry. For example, let’s say it took your team a total of 8 hours to resolve 24 customer inquiries. The average message volume per agent can vary greatly depending on the industry, company size, and customer support model.

  • Also included is a plug-and-play ITIL, which eliminates the need for consultations as it adheres to best practices.
  • It also provides the tools essential for great customer service, like live chat, knowledge base, popup editor, and email automation.
  • As with tickets handled per hour, this metric can detail how effectively a support agent operates.
  • So, the four quantitative ones that we commonly look at are the overall tasks programs.
  • Unlike CES and CSAT, NPS measures a customer’s overall perception of a brand or company.

Suzanne Pope of Whiterock Locators adds, “If you’re able to have a problem be resolved swiftly, it can make a huge difference in customer retention and satisfaction in my experience. You need not assess all available KPIs and report on outcomes, only the right ones – those that have a critical bearing on your customer service performance and are actionable, true, and consistent. Now let’s get to know some of the tools you can use to evaluate your KPIs and important metrics. Having a large volume of tickets may look good on the surface, but underneath it may be indicative of a problem. You may be having issues with your products or services; hence, many customers are complaining and reaching out to you. KPI is used to measure performance and success, while metrics are simply numbers within a KPI that help track performance and progress.


Knowing who your top performers enable you to build a strong and responsive customer service unit. Benchmarking agents or reps creates healthy competition and, conversely, lets you identify those that may need additional nurturing. Requester wait time is the length of time that a support ticket spends in new, open, and on-hold statuses. This metric accounts for how long the requester (aka the customer) has to wait for a support agent’s response during the ticket’s life.

We’re looking at stakeholder and client satisfaction, as well as communication. The importance of KPIs is that they keep your project objective always on the front burner, so there’s little chance that you’ll leave them unattended. The project objectives must be communicated clearly throughout the project team, so everyone knows the KPIs they’re responsible for. To calculate Net Promoter Score, subtract the percentage of detractors (wouldn’t recommend you) from the percentage of promoters (would recommend you). Say, if your website had 200,000 visitors and 10,000 conversions last month, your conversion rate is 10%. Surprisingly, the leaders using speech analytics averaged a 76% FCR rate comparatively, the followers had a 23% average FCR.

For example, you could set an OKR to “Improve the workplace environment as measured by employee morale,” even though your OKR, employee morale, is intangible. If you wanted to set a KPI for the same objective, you’d have to find a way to quantify employee morale—say, number of HR complaints received or new hire turnover rate. Key performance indicators are the compass that guides organizations towards their goals.

kpi for support team

Your goal should be to increase your number of first contact resolutions because this means customers get an answer quickly and painlessly, improving your CX. Henrik Saetre of AdChina.io adds, “As a SaaS company, our churn rate has a tremendous impact on our bottom line. By having our focus on churn, we work to measure the most important metric.

#9 Average Response Time

For example, you can ask customers to rate their support experience on a scale of 0 to 10 or invite them to leave a review on your social media. You can also use chatbot analytics to track customer satisfaction over time or compare it across different channels. As the name suggests, these KPIs give you deeper insights into your support team’s performance.

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You can measure ticket volume in terms of the total number of tickets per day, week, or month. This will give you a sense of whether your customer support team is keeping up with the queries. That’s why it’s important for businesses to track team performance metrics related to customer support quality. By monitoring these metrics, you can identify problems early and take corrective action before they become bigger issues. Reducing customer churn is a crucial aspect of business success that requires constant customer engagement to understand and address customers’ issues with your brand and product.

Addressing customers’ queries in real-time is imperative for you to keep them from leaving you at risk. Existing customers are also your biggest spenders, and they rely kpi for support team on quality customer support to stay loyal. According to Gorgias research, repeat customers generate 300% more revenue than first-time customers of ecommerce brands.

kpi for support team

A customer satisfaction (CSAT) score is a customer service report that measures how well a company’s products, services, and overall customer experience meet customer expectations. CSAT scores are crucial because a higher score typically reflects a higher customer retention rate and lower customer churn. The goal is to keep the churn rate minimal, but it happens in every company so you don’t need to panic immediately. In our example, we have visualized the monthly customer churn rate over the course of almost a year and, in this case, calculations include cancellations and downgrades. You can instantaneously spot which months performed best and which ones encountered issues.

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